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David Nampaso

david nampasoDavid is our senior guide. Working for both Africa Tours and Karen Blixen Camp since 2008. His vast knowledge of wildlife and conservation is amazing and he is exceptional with groups and families.

David was born in Maasai Mara and as a young man, he loved conservation and following his passion, he joined Kenya Wildlife Institute of Language, where he acquired immense knowledge in conservation and immediately after graduation in 1996, he joined Koiyaki Lemek conservancy as a ranger, as well as guiding guests who were on self-drives.

His desire and enthusiasm for becoming a professional guide was evident, after joining Kenya professional safari guides association in 2007, where he attained his bronze and in 2008 he joined Karen Blixen Camp as a professional Safari guide.

Daniel Mako

daniel makoDaniel is a silver guide. He has been working with Africa Tours and Karen Blixen Camp since 2013. His enormous knowledge of wildlife and conservation is remarkable and he is awesome with groups, couples and families.

Daniel was born in Maasai Mara and while in Primary school, Friends of Conservation, an international charity, that aims at protecting endangered wildlife and their habitats by working closely with local communities (by sharing knowledge of wildlife and planting trees), exploring practical ways to help them utilize natural resources more sustainably. Through FOC, Daniel gained vast knowledge on Wildlife and conservation. He was a member of Wildlife Clubs of Kenya in both Primary school and high school.

After high school, Daniel had a clear picture of his career and he immediately joined Koiyaki Guiding school in Mara for additional knowledge on wildlife and learn guiding skills.

Dominic Kuluo

Dominic is a silver guide. He has been a Driver Guide with Karen Blixen Camp and Africa Tours since 2007. His massive knowledge of wildlife, conservation, Environmental and culture is awesome and he is excellent in sharing this knowledge with people of all walks of life. He is amazing with all generations; children, young couples, senior couples and groups.

Born and bred in Mara, Dominic’s interactions with tourists was obvious and this triggered his passion in tourism, conservation and wildlife, which resulted in him joining Koiyaki Lemek conservancy as a ranger.

His passion pushed him further to join Koiyaki guiding school as a pioneer student and after graduation, he joined Karen Blixen Camp and his star has been shining bright ever since.

Peter Sasiet

peterPeter is a silver guide. He has been working with Africa Tours and Karen Blixen Camp since 2010. Peter shares his immense knowledge with all generations.

Peter, growing up in Mara and seeing all touristic activities around him, nurtured the passion of working in tourism industry. Peter’s dad was working in one of the camps, and while visiting dad, he interacted with dad’s colleagued and especially the guides, how they were interacting with tourists and that hospitality created a lasting imprint for him. Tourists would also visit his primary school and this created a permanent picture of what Peter would do in future.

After high school Peter joined Koiyaki guiding school in Mara where he graduated as a professional tour guide.

Peter’s passion is to share his immense knowledge with his guests and young generation. Peter will never hesitate to share his journey with his guests and most of them visits Peter’s village school and by doing so, he gets an opportunity to instill tourism, conservation and wildlife into young generation and this always creates a lifelong impression.