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Name it the home of Flamingo or the pink Bed. The park also has more than 135 species of birds recorded apart from Flamingo. The alkaline lake waters grow blue-green algae which attract thousands of flamingos. Common birds include; little grebe, tawny eagle, pratincole, swift, little bee-eater, cape wigeon, yellow-billed stork, gabber goshawk, water dikkop, gret tit, starling, hornbill, crombec, augur buzzard. African spoonbill

Animals include: are the rare Greater Kudu ,buffalo, zebra, , baboon, warthog, spotted hyena, impala, dik dik and gazzels 

There is one lodge (8 cottages/78 beds), three public campsites near Emos Gate: Acacia campsite, River Campsite & Fig Tree Campsite, one professional campsite and one picnic site: Loburu Picnic Site at the geysers

The park at an altitude of 3.200Ft. and covering 107 Sq.Kms is 260 Kms from Nairobi.The alkaline waters support the rose-pink flamingos by growing blue-green algae, food for them, A perfect not to be missed safari destination. Though the flamingos are seasonal the beauty and magnificence of the pink-populations covering the lake makes it one of the famous birding and family vacation destinations.

Lake Bogoria national park Kenya, was opened in 1970 as a destination park and has one lodge, three public campsites, one professional campsite and one picnic site at the geysers.

It has a diverse landscape deep valley with semi-tropical vegetation on its slopes with dry thorn bush at the base.. Birds are also abundant, mainly water birds. There is no accommodation within the reserve but there are good hotels in Baringo and Bogoria area


Hot and dry Features: Facilities: Lodge, Campsite, Picnic sites Activities: Game viewing , walking Access Roads: One Parks Roads: One Airstrip