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Tsavo West and East National Parks were once a single park, but are now separated. Tsavo West National Park is situated on the west and are separated by a road., National. This park is considered the best in topography.

Tsavo West history and overview

Tsavo West National Park is under Kenya Wildlife Service. It encompasses mountains and hills for climbing, savanna bush and semi-arid desert scrub, acacia woodland, palm thickets, rivers and the tranquil Lake Jipe Kudu - one of Kenya's animals found in Tsavo.

Attractions include: red-skinned elephants, to birdwatching and hill hiking, to caving and boating. African lions, hartebeest, buffalo, hippos and cheetahs
A railway also runs along the border separating Tsavo East and West National Park. In 1898, over 100 railway workers were attacked and killed by man-eating lions. The lions had to be shot.

The wide range of landscape offers protection to many endangered African wildlife including the black rhinoceros, Cosen's gerbil, Hunter's hartebeest, several species of shrew and rat, Grevy's zebra and wild dogs.

It is a long, hot day so wear cool, comfortable clothing, and a sunhat. Remember to bring your camera and binoculars, sunglasses and water to drink.


  • The temperature remains the same throughout the year during the day and 22-24°C and night at 22-24°C
  • Humidity is high from December to April.
  • Long rains - March to May.
  • Short rains - October through December.


  • By Road: From Amboseli you use Chyulu Gate.
  • From Nairobi enter using the Mtito Andei Gate.
  • From Mombasa (use either the Tsavo Gate near Manyani, or the Mtito Andei Gate.



  • Red-skinned Elephant
  • Red Elephant - Lake Jipe, Tsavo West

Mzima Springs

Lava Flows and Caves for geological interest.

Bird watching safaris are best between October and January, featuring many migratory birds including African skimmers, red and yellow bishops, goshawks, buffalo weavers and palm nut vultures, to name a few.

The cliff faces in Tsavo West offer some of the best rock climbing in Kenya. The views over the savanna plains are spectacular, and Mt Kilimanjaro can also be seen on occasion.

Best time to visit Tsavo West National park

  • January and February
  • June to September.

Visiting during the heavy rainy season of March to May should be avoided as the roads become very muddy. There may be some rain from October to December.

The best months for birdwatchers to see migratory birds are October to January