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We live in a world full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventure we can have, and Kenya is always a perfect idea. The life you have lived doesn't need to be the only life you have. Live, travel. adventure and don't be sorry. When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Take half the clothes and twice the money. The greatest legacy we can leave is happy memories. Keep calm and have a safe trip.

Nairobi -everywhere is a walking distance if you have the time. A nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. You never really travel alone Kenya is full of friends waiting to get to know you. From there to here, here to there. Welcome to Kenya. Wake up for the Aberdares National Park You are most alive among trees. Time spent amongst trees is never wasted. Tree houses are the ultimate return to nature. The wilderness is calling you home. We mean it when we say watch the animals from the top of a tree. Samburu National Reserve -seek out the special five in Samburu National reserve. You will spot the famous big five in Mara so just seek out the special to only Northern Kenya. Naivasha-a day to work hard at relaxing and feeling good. We hope you now understand you are creating memory and not just having fun. Relaxing and charging for the world famous Maasai Mara reserve. -every sunset is also a sunrise it all depends on where you stand. As others go to sleep others awake. Morning and evening game drive is a must. The wonders of the Mara cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech or by speech itself. There is a love of wild nature in everybody.



Best Escape Anyone Can Have


Ocean -a body of water occupying two thirds of a world made for man with no gills. There's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean won't stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away. Take memories leave only foot prints.

  • You need to be ocean habilitated.
  • You need vitamin sea
  • You need a beach body-Have a body, go to the beach.

Don't worry beach happy. Just think of a beach and smile. life is a beach and just playing in the sand You want to have the sun, welcome to the Kenyan coast. To some it's just water, to us its where you gain your sanity.

Countdown to The 2019 East African Safari Classic Rally


Kenya is more than just wildlife; we are also the sport tourism destination. Forget about the fame of Kenya's running tradition.2019 sees the ninth edition of the world famous East African Safari Classic Rally. Taking place from November 27 to December 6, the endurance race is typically organized in November every two years and attracts top stars of the sport as well as those keen on glamour and wilderness

Conservation Generation

tree planting

Imagine if trees gave off wifi signals, we would be planting so many trees and probably save a planet too, too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe. Thousands of people are beginning to find out going to a place filled with nature is going home and wildness is a necessity. 30th. November Kenya will be having the first ever conservation fun day at the Kenya wildlife headquarters in Nairobi. We are creating the conservation generation.